West Midlands takes a major step towards region-wide travel app

Posted: 5 July 2023 | | No comments yet

Transport for West Midlands has launched a new partnership to develop an innovative travel app, simplifying journey planning, providing real-time information and promoting sustainable transport options.

West Midlands takes a major step towards region-wide travel app

Credit: Transport for West Midlands

Progress has been made in the launch of a region-wide travel app that aims to provide easy access to various transportation options in one place. Transport for West Midlands (TfWM) has partnered with FOD Mobility Group to develop the app using its Mobilleo MaaS platform.

The app will offer a comprehensive solution for travelling within the West Midlands. Users can plan journeys, receive real-time travel information, as well as book and pay for various transportation modes such as buses, trains, trams, e-scooters, walking, cycle hire, taxis, demand-responsive transport (DRT), car rental, car club and parking. The app aims to provide users with the most convenient, cost-effective and sustainable travel options tailored to their preferences.

TfWM envisions a future where a single app and account can be used for all transportation needs, providing easy accessibility for users. The app aims to revolutionise public and shared transport in the region by simplifying information access, promoting sustainable travel choices and offering competitive fares. It will replace the existing TfWM app, streamlining the user experience.

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TfWM is collaborating with various partners on this project for real-time public transport data and integration with the Swift smart travel scheme. Local authorities and transport operators are also involved in the app’s development.

The project has received funding from the Department for Transport’s Future Transport Zone programme. Its objective aligns with the goals outlined in the Local Transport Plan, aiming to enhance user experience, integrate ticketing and information services, and contribute to decarbonising the transport network.

Anne Shaw, Executive Director of Transport for West Midlands, said: “As well as developing travel modes, we need to look closely at how we can make accessing transport as seamless as possible through simple plan, book and pay mechanisms. This will encourage more people to use public and shared transport, or active travel and reduce private car use. With this new Mobility-as-a-Service platform we are looking to do just that. We are working with some of the best British tech and mobility companies to design an app which is easy to use, convenient and offers great value. This will be a one stop shop for anyone looking to travel around the West Midlands.”