RTC SNV’s new app feature to enhance convenience for transit riders

Posted: 3 July 2023 | | No comments yet

RTC SNV introduces Tap & GO, a new app feature offering convenient single-ride fare purchases for all routes, enhancing the transit experience for residents and visitors in Southern Nevada.

RTC SNV's new app feature to enhance convenience for transit riders

Credit: Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada

The Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC SNV) has announced that it has unveiled a new feature called Tap & GO in its popular rideRTC app. This innovative addition allows customers to purchase single-ride fares for all routes. Tap & GO is particularly beneficial for individuals planning to take a single trip, passengers with flexible travel arrangements and visitors utilising the 24-hour Deuce service on the Strip.

With the Tap & GO feature, users can conveniently add funds to their mobile account using credit or cash. Those opting for cash payments can easily locate nearby cash to mobile stations. Once the funds are added to their account, users can simply scan the app barcode when boarding the bus, and the appropriate single-ride fare is automatically deducted from their in-app wallet.

For the Deuce service, which operates along the Strip and downtown Las Vegas, the Tap & GO feature deducts $4 from the in-app wallet balance for a single ride. On residential routes, the deduction is $2.

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RTC SNV CEO M.J. Maynard expressed enthusiasm for the new feature, stating: “We are excited to make it even more convenient for residents and visitors to travel throughout our community. With Tap & GO in the rideRTC app, our customers can easily add funds before they travel, making boarding quicker and more convenient when they’re ready to ride.”

For further details about the Tap & GO feature in the rideRTC app, interested individuals can visit the company website. This website provides comprehensive information regarding this new addition, helping users take advantage of the convenient features and streamlined experience offered by the rideRTC app.