TIER secures contract for e-scooters in West of England

Posted: 30 June 2023 | | No comments yet

TIER Mobility wins contract for WEST Scoot e-scooters in the West of England, introducing micro-mobility options for the region’s residents, along with improved parking measures and additional e-bikes and e-cargo bikes.

TIER secures contract for e-scooters in West of England

TIER Mobility has announced that it has secured a contract to oversee the operations of WEST scoot e-scooters in the West of England. This comes as e-scooters have gained tremendous popularity in the region, with over six million journeys recorded since 2020.

As part of the transition, the e-scooters will be re-branded as WEST scoot and feature a vibrant green colour scheme. The West of England Mayoral Combined Authority has negotiated this new contract with TIER, which is expected to generate more than £9 million over the next four years. The revenue generated will be ring-fenced to be re-invested in future transport improvements, benefiting the residents of the region.

This partnership aims to address concerns such as parking issues, with the contract including clauses to ensure responsible parking practices. In addition, 100 new e-scooter parking racks will be installed to enhance fleet organisation.

The WEST scoot fleet will consist of 4,000 e-scooters, accompanied by WEST bike, which includes 1,500 new pedal-assist e-bikes, and WEST cargo, comprising of 20 e-cargo bikes specially designed for transporting goods. These additions are expected to cater to the diverse needs of local businesses and provide residents with sustainable transportation options. Users will be able to access the micro-mobility vehicles by downloading the TIER app.

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Fred Jones, VP and Regional General Manager – Northern Europe at TIER, said: “The expansion of the service to include e-bikes and e-cargo bikes makes it easier for the people of West of England to choose to leave their car at home and pick the perfect vehicle for their journey, whether that is commuting, going to see friends or even doing the weekly shop. We are proud to have been selected as the operator for this UK-leading flagship service and look forward to the full launch this autumn.”

Dan Norris, Metro Mayor of the West of England, said: “Given our very ambitious West of England net-zero 2030 target, it is vital that these bright green electric WEST scoot, WEST bike and WEST cargo e-vehicles become a common and welcome sight across our region, for they are an important means to allow residents to reduce car use or give it up completely if they should so choose.

Until the full launch of the WEST scoot service in Autumn 2023, the existing operator, Voi Technology, will continue to run the current e-scooter operations in the region. TIER looks forward to implementing their innovative and sustainable mobility solutions to enhance transportation experiences in the West of England.