TIER Mobility launches 150 e-scooters in Arezzo, Italy

Posted: 2 June 2023 | | No comments yet

With TIER Mobility’s arrival in Arezzo, residents and visitors can now enjoy a convenient and environmentally friendly mode of transportation, contributing to the city’s sustainable mobility goals.

TIER Mobility launches 150 e-scooters in Arezzo, Italy

Credit: TIER Mobility

TIER Mobility has announced that it is introducing 150 e-scooters in Arezzo, Italy, to promote sustainable transportation options in the city. After being selected as the sole operator by the Municipality of Arezzo, TIER Mobility will offer the service for a one-year trial period.

The 150 e-scooters will be strategically positioned within the city’s 68 mandatory parking zones, ensuring convenient access for residents and visitors. To utilise the service, individuals must be over 18 years old and have their identification card verified through the TIER app. Parking will only be allowed in designated spots for e-scooters, bicycles, or in specific areas indicated in the app. As an added safety measure, the maximum speed for e-scooters in the city centre will be reduced to 6km/h on main roads.

Furthermore, TIER Mobility has implemented a process requiring riders to take a picture of their parked e-scooter, providing proof that it is within a designated parking area. In addition, a dedicated team will monitor the proper placement of vehicles, guaranteeing a safe environment for everyone.

TIER’s new e-scooter brain enhances safety and sustainability of micro-mobility

The service area for the e-scooters will be limited to the highlighted region, demarcated by a blue line. Starting or ending a ride outside this boundary will not be possible. Furthermore, certain areas within the city, highlighted in yellow, will have automatic speed restrictions enforced through GPS.

Saverio Galardi, Country Manager for Italy at TIER Mobility, said: “We are very proud to launch our service in Arezzo and to work hand-in-hand with the city to offer a high quality service that guarantees order through mandatory parking zones based on the most advanced technology. Our local team will ensure that e-scooters are carefully integrated in the city and focus on the safety of the riders and pedestrians, so that everyone can enjoy a sustainable way of moving around the city.”

In Italy, TIER Mobility already operates shared e-scooters in Rome, Milan, Bari, Parma, Modena, Reggio-Emilia, Trento and now in Arezzo. Some of these cities also offer e-bikes through TIER Mobility, and the company’s subsidiary, nextbike by TIER, currently serves the city of Bergamo. Furthermore, TIER Mobility has plans to expand its services to additional cities throughout the year.