TIER and Sight Loss Councils partner to improve micro-mobility parking

Posted: 25 May 2023 | | No comments yet

By emphasising the importance of keeping pavements clear during parking, TIER and Sight Loss Councils’ campaign aims to highlight the significance of proper micro-mobility parking etiquette.

TIER and Sight Loss Councils partner to improve micro-mobility parking

Credit: TIER Mobility

TIER Mobility has announced that it has joined forces with Sight Loss Councils in a collaborative effort to raise awareness about proper parking etiquette. Funded by the Thomas Pocklington Trust, Sight Loss Councils are comprised of volunteers who are blind or partially sighted. Together, they tackle local issues and work with businesses and service providers to enhance the accessibility of their offerings.

The partnership between Sight Loss Councils and TIER involves the launch of a video and social media campaign aimed at encouraging users of shared micro-mobility to park their vehicles safely and appropriately. The videos illustrate the challenges faced by individuals with visual impairments when confronted with poorly parked shared e-scooters or e-bikes. 

Two instructional videos have been released as part of the campaign, with one addressing proper e-scooter parking etiquette and the other focusing on proper e-bike parking etiquette. These videos provide valuable guidance for users on how to park their vehicles in a manner that does not obstruct the path of pedestrians, particularly those with visual impairments.

Benjamin Bell, Senior Director of TIER, said: “This campaign aligns with our objective of seamlessly integrating shared micro-mobility into urban environments. Adhering to proper parking etiquette ensures that individuals with sight loss can navigate their surroundings without obstruction from e-bikes or e-scooters. Our longstanding partnership with Sight Loss Councils is rooted in our shared vision of promoting sustainable travel, while preserving the independence and safety of blind and partially sighted individuals.”

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Furthermore, TIER and Sight Loss Councils are collaborating on the development of an acoustic vehicle alert system for all shared e-scooters. This feature will enable users to hear oncoming vehicles and enhance safety during rides.

Haren Thillainathan from Sight Loss Councils said: “We take pride in our joint efforts with TIER to ensure that everyone understands parking etiquette and recognises the potential hazards posed by abandoned e-scooters and e-bikes. Additionally, we will continue working together to develop and test a universal acoustic e-scooter alert. Leveraging our lived experiences with sight loss, our ultimate goal is to collaborate with businesses and service providers to create accessible streets for all.”

In the event of encountering a poorly parked e-scooter or e-bike, TIER has said that users can report it to the company’s operations team through various channels. TIER bikes are equipped with a QR code in the front basket, which leads users to a chat window where they can connect with the customer care team and report the issue.