Jacksonville Transportation Authority announces MobilityWorks 2.0

Posted: 6 March 2024 | | No comments yet

MobilityWorks 2.0 consists of 17 projects that signify JTA’s ongoing commitment to enhancing transit, maximising employment opportunities and supporting local communities.

Jacksonville Transportation Authority announces MobilityWorks 2.0

Credit: Jacksonville Transportation Authority

The Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) has announced the design and construction of MobilityWorks 2.0, a series of 17 projects which include portions of the Emerald Trail, the purchase of a new ferry vessel, 10 complete street projects, bus stop and transit enhancements throughout the city.

“With these 17 MobilityWorks 2.0 projects, we’re not just constructing infrastructure; we’re crafting the foundation for a thriving Northeast Florida,” said Jacksonville Transportation Authority’s CEO, Nat Ford Sr. “Building upon the success of MobilityWorks 1.0, the future impacts that these projects have on our communities will yield benefits of mobility and prosperity for decades to come.”

JTA is committed to maximising local employment opportunities and supporting workforce development. A central mission of the MobilityWorks 2.0 programme is to invest in the local economy by hiring and skill-building locally, using small businesses and procuring local resources whenever possible.

Upgraded transit amenities

Improved bus stops in the Northwest Jacksonville Improvement project will be the second of the MobilityWork 2.0 projects to break ground. This project will significantly upgrade 111 bus stops and will include 17 key stops along Soutel Drive. The upgrades will include the installation of improved shelters, enhanced lighting for safety, E-Paper displays with real-time messaging systems to facilitate easier trip planning, bike racks and art elements that will celebrate the identity of each neighbourhood.

The Countywide Transit Enhancement Improvements initiative will upgrade over 800 bus stops throughout the City of Jacksonville to make them more Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessible and will enhance service access and increase mobility options for transit-dependent communities.

Complete Streets projects

JTA will begin designing three Complete Streets projects, an infrastructure-focused approach that will improve mobility and increase safety for motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists along Merrill Road, University Boulevard and 8th Street.

Second St. Johns River ferry vessel

JTA is also seeking RAISE Grant funds to support the construction of a second St. Johns River ferry. The additional vessel will increase frequency and eliminate the downtime needed for scheduled maintenance outages and ensure constant service to residents of the surrounding communities who rely on the service for their commute.

MobilityWorks2.0 website

To enhance transparency and accountability and provide regular updates on the MobilityWorks 2.0 programme, JTA recently launched a new website. The new website features a dashboard that provides a detailed look at jobs created and expenditures to date, an interactive project map and updates on contracting opportunities and job fairs.

“MobilityWorks 2.0 is more than just a construction programme; it’s an investment in the future of Jacksonville,” said Jacksonville Transportation Authority’s Chief Infrastructure & Development Officer, Greer Johnson Gillis. “By creating jobs, improving infrastructure and enhancing transportation options, the programme is building a stronger and more sustainable city for all residents.”

MobilityWorks 2.0 is funded by the Local Option Gas Tax 2, which will invest $490 million into improving Northeast Florida’s mobility infrastructure over the next 30 years.