Bolt launches shared e-bike service in Wexford, Ireland

Posted: 19 May 2023 | | No comments yet

As part of its commitment to provide a sustainable transportation alternative to private cars, Bolt’s 12-month pilot scheme will offer Wexford residents with an initial fleet of 50 e-bikes for rent.

Bolt launches shared e-bike service in Wexford, Ireland

Credit: Bolt

Bolt, in collaboration with Wexford County Council, has announced that it has launched its shared e-bike service in Wexford. The timing of the launch aligns well with ongoing efforts to promote the benefits of cycling.

Bolt’s shared e-bike service has no unlocking fee, and customers are charged €0.18 per minute for the time that they use.

Geofencing technology will control parking, with more than 40 clearly marked and convenient locations available throughout town. These locations include ALDI stores, Wexford General Hospital and Wexford Park GAA Stadium. Additional locations can be introduced based on popularity, feedback from the council and local users, or nominations from local businesses. The operations of the service will be overseen by a local bike shop, ensuring local knowledge and expertise.

The Bolt app will provide users with information on bike pick-up and drop-off locations, enabling them to locate bikes easily and choose suitable endpoints for their journeys. Several local community groups and businesses, such as WWETB, YouthTrain and Waters Technologies Ireland Ltd., have supported the roll-out of this scheme by providing space to accommodate users and visitors who opt for this sustainable transportation option.

To prioritise safety, Bolt has implemented several measures. For those unfamiliar with pedal-assisted bicycles, a ‘Beginner Mode’ is available, which limits the top speed to 15 km/h. Once users become more comfortable, they can disable ‘Beginner Mode’ and ride at a maximum speed of 25 km/h.

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Bolt plans to gradually introduce the bikes, starting with an initial deployment of 50 units. The fleet size will be adjusted based on demand, ensuring a gradual and sustainable expansion of the service across Wexford.

Bolt already operates a successful shared bike service in Sligo and Kilkenny, where its e-bikes have covered over 170,000km since their launch in Summer 2022. According to a user survey, this has resulted in approximately 24,000km of car trips saved in Ireland to date, contributing to a reduction of around 2,500kg of CO2 emissions.

Bolt Operations Manager for Rentals in Ireland, John Buckley, said: “Recent research carried out by Bolt revealed that only one-quarter of Irish drivers are likely to give up their car in the next five years. We’re confident that providing shared transport solutions will help to convince more people to ditch the car and choose a more enjoyable and sustainable way to travel.”

Wexford County Council Cycling & Walking Officer Claire Goodwin said: “Wexford County Council is delighted to offer local residents and visitors a sustainable transport option in the town. We see a real enthusiasm for making the change away from private car use if there is a convenient alternative. With the introduction of Bolt’s e-bikes on a pilot basis into our town, we hope many people will change how they travel where possible.”

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