Liverpool secures £16 million funding to advance active travel schemes

Posted: 24 May 2023 | | No comments yet

With this latest funding addition, the total investment in active travel infrastructure in the Liverpool city region approaches £70 million, solidifying the mayor’s commitment to building a comprehensive network of walking and cycling routes.

Liverpool secures £16 million funding to advance active travel schemes

Credit: Liverpool City Region Combined Authority

The Liverpool City Region Combine Authority has announced that Mayor Steve Rotheram has secured an additional £16 million to advance his plans for an active travel revolution in the region. This funding brings the total investment in active travel to nearly £70 million, facilitating the creation of a network of safe and accessible walking and cycling routes throughout the area.

By offering people a high-quality alternative to cars, the plan seeks to reduce congestion, carbon emissions, and enhance air quality, particularly for short journeys. This initiative aligns with Mayor Rotheram’s broader vision of establishing a London-style public transport network that is faster, cheaper, cleaner and well-connected. 

The newly secured funds will support various schemes, including the establishment of a permanent cycle lane on West Derby Road in Liverpool, enhancements to the Crosby Pedestrian Coastal Park, improvements in Widnes town centre, as well as the creation of a route connecting Lea Green and Whiston Hospital. Additional funding has also been allocated for upgrades on Conway Street in Birkenhead.

The £16 million funding has been obtained by Mayor Rotheram and the combined authority through the government’s Active Travel Fund. The region’s persuasive bid has been so successful that it has secured nearly three times its initial allowance.

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To fulfil his commitment to developing a comprehensive network of walking and cycling routes spanning 600km across the city region, Mayor Rotheram has already dedicated over £50 million to active travel infrastructure. With this latest funding injection, the total investment in the project will approach £70 million.

Simon O’Brien, Liverpool City Region Walking and Cycling Commissioner, said: “It is fantastic to see this new funding being unlocked, to really help us push forward with our plans to help create a network of walking and cycling routes that befits our region. We’ve got some great active travel infrastructure in the city region, but we need to make sure it’s properly linked up so people feel confident that they can travel easily and safely by bike or on foot – that’s what this new funding will help to do.”

The schemes that have been backed by the £16 million funding include a range of projects, such as cycle corridor development on West Derby Road, junction improvements on Princes Avenue and pedestrian connectivity in various town centres across the region. These initiatives present an opportunity to transform local travel patterns and promote sustainable transportation choices.