Scottish government allocates £5 million to Low Emission Zone support fund

Posted: 13 May 2024 | | No comments yet

The Scottish government has allocated £5 million for the 2024-25 Low Emission Zone Support Fund to aid sustainable travel and air quality standards, ensuring fair enforcement of Low Emission Zones.

Scottish government allocates £5 million to Low Emission Zone support fund

Credit: Scottish government

The Scottish government has announced a significant investment of £5 million into the Low Emission Zone (LEZ) Support Fund for the upcoming fiscal year 2024-25. This marks the fifth consecutive year of funding for the initiative aimed at encouraging sustainable travel and reducing air pollution from vehicles on Scotland’s roads.

Administered by the Energy Saving Trust, the LEZ Support Fund targets individuals and micro-businesses adversely impacted by LEZ regulations. The programme offers financial incentives to dispose of non-compliant vehicles and transition to more environmentally friendly transportation options, thus improving air quality and safeguarding public health.

Key highlights of the funding include:

  • Household grants: Eligible households and micro-businesses can receive a £2,000 grant to assist with the removal of non-LEZ compliant vehicles
  • Mobility grants and Travel Better credits: An additional £1,000 is available for mobility grants or Travel Better credits, facilitating the purchase of bikes, e-bikes, or public transport vouchers
  • Retrofitting fund: £2 million will be dedicated to retrofitting light goods vehicles, heavy goods vehicles and taxis for micro-businesses, ensuring a smoother transition to LEZ compliance.

“LEZs are a vital public health measure and by providing financial assistance to people and businesses that need it most, we’re ensuring that the transition to wider LEZ enforcement happens in a fair way,” said Cabinet Secretary for Transport Fiona Hyslop. 

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Heather Quin, Senior Programme Manager at Energy Saving Trust, said: “This funding has already helped many individuals, families and businesses prepare for Scotland’s Low Emission Zones and adopt more sustainable travel options. With this new round of funding, many more people are set to benefit from this support, as well as from improved air quality, while addressing the climate emergency.”

With Glasgow already implementing LEZ enforcement and Aberdeen, Dundee, and Edinburgh set to follow suit in the coming weeks, the Scottish Government encourages residents and businesses to familiarize themselves with LEZ requirements via the website.

The continuation of the LEZ Support Fund reflects Scotland’s commitment to sustainable transportation and combating the climate emergency through practical, community-centred initiatives.