Bolt introduces latest sixth-generation scooter

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With an initial deployment of 1,000 units in select cities, the Bolt 6 has been designed with continuous safety upgrades, real-time detection capabilities, sustainable materials and an eight year lifespan.

Bolt introduces latest sixth-generation scooter

Credit: Bolt

Bolt has announced that it has launched its newest scooter model, the Bolt 6, which aims to set new standards in safety, sustainability and user experience. Designed with rider and pedestrian safety in mind, the Bolt 6 features a wide floorboard, swept handlebars and a low centre of gravity, ensuring stability and comfort while riding. Additional safety measures include suspension and a larger front wheel for smoother manoeuvring over obstacles.

“Our new Bolt 6 scooter was created by our team of engineers to address the needs of cities and riders. Designing a scooter in-house gives us full control of software and hardware, enabling us to continuously upgrade the safety features that we provide to riders and pedestrians. Owning the full process of scooter development and production also means stricter quality control and higher safety standards. At the same time, we don’t overpay for supplier and manufacturer margins. This allows us to forward the cost savings to our customers through more affordable scooter rides,” said Dmitri Pivovarov, VP for Rentals at Bolt.

The Bolt 6 is fully compatible with the Bolt SafeRide System, which detects tandem riding, skidding, abrupt braking and real-time collisions. The scooter features an integrated LED display that provides speed and battery level information, with the maximum speed configurable to adhere to local regulations.

Addressing parking challenges, the new scooter model is equipped with the Smart Parking 360 solutions package. This includes an artificial intelligence (AI) parking system that efficiently verifies parked scooters through photo recognition. The scooter’s sensors can also detect excessive tilt during parking and alert riders to re-adjust, preventing potential accidents.

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The advanced Advanced Mobility Intelligence System embedded in the Bolt 6 incorporates enhanced Internet of Things (IoT), an integrated processor and a camera. This system enables real-time analysis of the surroundings, including pedestrian and pavement detection, while improved GPS accuracy assists in precise vehicle tracking.

With sustainability being a priority for Bolt, the Bolt 6 utilises double the amount of recycled materials compared to previous models. In total, 70% of the aluminium used in production is recycled, reducing the environmental impact. The scooter features a 1.1kWh smart battery that is resistant to vandalism, offering a range of 90km on a single charge. This not only extends the time between charges but also minimises battery replacements, resulting in a reduced carbon footprint.

Through rigorous fatigue tests, Bolt anticipates the Bolt 6 scooter to have a lifespan of eight years, thanks to its efficient design and high-quality materials. The modular design enables efficient production and maintenance, while all electronic components are built to endure with an IP67 rating.

The initial deployment of the Bolt 6 will include 1,000 units in Lisbon, Riga and Tallinn by July 2023, with plans for further fleet expansion throughout the year.

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