Bolt partners with London’s black cabs to expand service offering

Posted: 26 April 2023 | | No comments yet

As ride-hailing apps continue to experience record demand, this partnership offers black cab drivers the opportunity to tap into the market and boost their earnings, while passengers will have access to more transportation options.

Bolt partners with London's Black Cabs to expand service offering

Credit: Bolt

Bolt has announced that it will be launching London’s iconic black cabs on its platform, benefitting over 1.5 million customers in the capital, who will now have access to a dedicated ‘Black Cab’ category on the app.

Although black cabs have been available on FREE NOW after its acquisition of Hailo, Bolt is now the largest platform to add black cabs to an app. As the demand for ride-hailing apps continues to surge after the pandemic, this move will allow cab drivers to tap into this trend and increase their fare potential while providing passengers with more options.

Bolt will add a small £2 booking fee to the metered trip fare, while customers will enjoy a reliable service across London. For drivers who are on-boarded before 30 April 2023, commission will be suspended for the first six months on the platform. After that, Bolt will charge a £2 commission from drivers on every trip. Furthermore, Bolt is offering passengers 15% off of their first Black Cab trip up to £10.

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Although there has been tension between traditional taxis and newer ride-hailing apps, traditional taxis can also benefit from apps in periods of low demand. A pick-up radius can be tailored to ensure maximum efficiency. Bolt operates its platform in many traditional taxi markets across Europe, including neighbouring Ireland.

Bolt’s Country Manager for UK Rides, Josh Ryan, said: “We’re really excited to be creating this category in London, linking drivers into a much bigger passenger pool and offering passengers more choice. We have lots of experience of operating traditional taxi markets so we hope to be able to create a vibrant, mutually beneficial service that offers Londoners another way around in advance of the king’s coronation and warmer months.”

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