Solent Transport becomes first UK local authority with rail ticketing accreditation

Posted: 9 March 2023 | | No comments yet

As part of a new partnership, Solent Transport will now offer its customers with rail ticketing through its Breeze travel app, providing them with improved access to all modes of transportation across the region.

Solent Transport becomes first UK local authority with rail ticketing accreditation

Solent Transport, a partnership of four local transport authorities covering the Isle of Wight, Hampshire County, Portsmouth and Southampton, has announced that it has become the first UK local transport authority with accreditation to retail rail tickets through its multimodal Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) app, as part of its new partnership with Unicard LTD.

In 2021, in line with its Future Transport Zone (FTZ) programme, Solent Transport had appointed the smart ticketing provider as part of a consortium to develop a MaaS powered app that would make travel in the region easier and more accessible.

The platform, which has been designed to support rail accreditation, has enabled Solent Transport to sell rail tickets through its Breeze travel app. The app features a smart ticketing and payment solution and ensures seamless travel across all forms of transport in the region.

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In addition, the platform effectively manages the complex data integrations and certifications that are required for the app to interface with the back-office systems of the Rail Delivery Group (RDG), the body responsible for selling and issuing tickets for travel. 

Conrad Haigh, Solent Transport Manager, said: “Solent is one of the UK’s designated FTZs. We have plans to transform access to public transport services in the region with the help of our new Breeze app, developed as a central part of FTZ programme. We are now taking that vision a step further having achieved rail accreditation as an agent. Solent Transport is proud to deliver rail ticketing for a UK MaaS product, there is still more to come with new products being introduced to the app regularly, as we look to support customers in accessing all forms of transport and travel within our region.”

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