Lime launches new campaign across London to educate riders on responsible e-bike parking

Posted: 22 November 2022 | | No comments yet

Lime’s ‘Park Like Your Gran Is Watching’ campaign aims to raise awareness of what good e-bike parking looks like in order to help its riders end their journeys responsibly and safely.

Lime - e-bike parking campaign

Credit: Lime

Lime has announced that it has launched a new creative campaign across London to help raise awareness and educate its riders on responsible e-bike parking. The campaign launched on 17 November 2022 and will run until early December 2022.

Part of the micro-mobility operator’s ongoing commitment to safe and considerate parking, the ‘Park Like Your Gran Is Watching’ campaign aims to keep riders on their ‘best behaviour’ by showing them what responsible parking looks like, and reminding them to do it at all times.

The campaign has been casted with local ‘London Grans’ and will consist of digital out-of-home adverts in high footfall areas, including Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road. Meanwhile, legal fly-posters will feature in Camden Town and Shoreditch High Street, and clean pavement stencilling – to signpost where Lime’s e-bikes should not be left – will be featured in locations including Bank and King’s Cross. Lime has also created a new webpage where people can find additional guidance on correct parking across London.

The campaign comes as Lime’s ridership continues to grow in London. Now entering into the fifth year of operating in the UK capital, it has now achieved over seven million rides as more and more people take up shared and sustainable transport options.

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Hal Stevenson, Senior Public Affairs Manager at Lime UK, said: “Shared, sustainable transport options like ours offer a great alternative to cars, with over six million kilograms of CO2 saved in London to date. The majority of our riders park responsibly, but for the minority that don’t, we know that education is key. This campaign is all about raising awareness of what good parking looks like to help people end their rides responsibly and safely.”

As well as its commitment to ongoing rider education, Lime has a number of additional measures in place in London to help ensure its vehicles are parked responsibly. This includes reviewing riders’ end trip photos to check their parking and issue warnings and fines, with repeat offenders permanently banned from the service.

Lime has also expanded its foot patrol team by 50 per cent to help manage additional demand across London. The team is dedicated to patrolling busy service areas and moving any e-bikes and scooters that have been mis-parked.

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