First Bus data reveals UK travel habits and attitudes towards sustainable transport

Posted: 23 September 2022 | | No comments yet

In addition to benefitting the environment, First Bus’ data reveals that 35 per cent of Londoners feel that bus travel has helped with their mental health more than other modes of transport.

Cost-of-living First Bus data reveals UK travel habits and attitudes towards sustainable mobility

Credit: First Bus

Half of UK adults have agreed that they would take the bus more often if they knew that decision would have a direct, positive impact on the environment, according to new research from First Bus.

The three main factors people say are the biggest benefits of choosing to travel by bus over a car are the no parking hassles (45 per cent), saving money (36 per cent) and protecting the environment (29 per cent).

The data, which provides a snapshot view of UK travel habits and attitudes towards benefits of sustainable transport, has been commissioned by First Bus to highlight the benefits of bus travel. The company believes that bus has to be at the heart of a transition to a net zero-emission future and can help in a number of ways. 

First Bus has recently placed the single largest ever electric bus order, outside of London and will now have over 500 zero-emission vehicles in active service on UK roads by March 2024. These clean buses can play a major role in reducing First Bus’ tail pipe emissions and carbon footprint. By replacing older buses, this latest zero-emission bus order (193 vehicles) saves approximately 11,745 tonnes of CO2 savings per annum – equivalent to removing 5,555 diesel cars from roads.

First Bus places one of the UK’s largest ever electric bus orders

Furthermore, the research by First Bus shows that 46 per cent of 16–24 year olds have started taking the bus due to the cost-of-living-crisis as it is seen as a great way to save money on petrol, help the environment and also is considered more relaxing than driving.

With good health and wellbeing perhaps more important than ever post-COVID, 43 per cent would choose going by bus as this is a more sustainable travel option, with a further 35 per cent admitting it helps with their mental health more than other modes of transport and 21 per cent believing it makes them less stressed, while 20 per cent said it made them happier.

Isabel McAllister, First Bus UK Chief Sustainability & Compliance Officer, said: “We are working hard to make sure bus can become a viable and hassle-free solution for more people. We recently placed the UK’s largest ever zero-emission bus order outside of London, in keeping with our commitment to reaching a net zero bus fleet by 2035. We will continue to work closely with central and local government, as well as each of the local communities in which we operate, across the UK to support the delivery of our shared decarbonisation ambitions and commitments”