TIER launches latest ‘TIER 6’ e-scooter model across Europe

Posted: 2 August 2022 | | No comments yet

TIER’s latest generation of e-scooters is equipped with many improved safety features, including maximum stability and shock absorption due to improved hydraulic suspension and a wider base.

TIER launches latest 'TIER 6' e-scooter model across Europe

Credit: TIER Mobility

TIER Mobility has announced the launch of its new, sixth-generation e-scooter model, which will be introduced in Germany, Austria, Hungary and Sweden. With its latest model of e-scooters, the micro-mobility operator is renewing its fleet in Budapest, Linz, Varberg, Munich and other cities across its more than 20 countries in Europe and the Middle East.

TIER is constantly evolving its models and improving the features based on feedback from cities and its users. Designed for frequent use in the city, this vehicle is a more robust e-scooter while providing a smooth experience and high level of compliance. TIER riders benefit from increased safety and reliability as the new model:

  • Gives direct visual feedback to users about city zone restrictions (slow zones, no parking zones, no go zones) via the display
  • Has improved turn signals that provide audio feedback to users and avoid accidental turn indication
  • Has a new phone holder which is optimally positioned in line of sight when using a navigation app on a smartphone
  • Offers maximum stability and bump absorption, due to an improved hydraulic suspension and wider base
  • Has an improved double kickstand for more lateral stability.

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“The new scooter model is a major improvement, both in terms of the user experience and the value we bring to cities,” said Dr. Julian Lehmann, Director of Product, Planning & Strategy at TIER. “With our new TIER 6 scooter model, we aim to set new standards in the micro-mobility industry and introduce the safest, most durable and sustainable vehicle in the industry. Designed from the ground up for efficient and sustainable operation, our sixth-generation e-scooter model is more durable, modular and has a longer lifespan than the average shared-use e-scooter.”

TIER riders have already completed more than 125 million rides and travelled a total distance of approximately 250 million kilometres across 22 countries. TIER currently operates in more than 240 cities and integrates with more than 50 different public transport operators.