MaaS comes to Saint-Étienne with the Moovizy 2 app

Posted: 22 September 2020 | | 1 comment

A statement says that Moovizy 2 is the only application in France to allow users to manage all means of transport in a single solution.

Moovizy 2 brings together all of Saint-Etienne's transport solutions

Saint-Étienne Métropole and Transdev have collaborated to launch Moovizy 2 – a new MaaS application allowing users to manage, book and pay for all modes of transport available across the metropolitan area.

Users will be able to use the app to manage their travel for bus, tram, trolleybus, self-service bicycle, car-sharing, taxis, trains and carpooling.

The Moovizy 2 app also provides users with real-time traffic updates and arrival information about the next available service through location of the buses and trams. The in-built route calculator takes all modes of transport into account and can deliver route options based on user-selected preferences, such as fastest, cheapest, or most environmentally friendly.

For Saint-Étienne’s self-service bike scheme, VéliVert, users can get an overview of their journey and an estimate of how long it will take, plus analyse the recommended route, find their nearest bike terminal, the number of bikes and spaces available, and pay for the service.

Users looking to use car-sharing can find car-sharing stations, choose the type of your vehicle, get an estimate of the cost of their trip, rent out their own vehicle, review your reservations and monitor usage. Meanwhile, carpoolers can find carpooling stations, relevant routes, the number of places available and inspect driver profiles, with the option to message drivers in real time.

Taxi users can find an overview of their planned journey, including the distance, time and estimated price. They can also find pick-up locations, book and cancel taxis, and pay for their trip.

For those looking to monitor their mobility usage and the cost of their travel, Moovizy 2 provides a single bill for all journeys at the end of the month, and lets users view the history of their trips, including their duration and their cost. Users can also choose to limit their consumption of services within the app.

One response to “MaaS comes to Saint-Étienne with the Moovizy 2 app”

  1. Laure says:

    The same initiative was launched 2 years ago in Mulhouse (France) : Compte Mobilité.

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