Orchestrated mobility: Mobile app solutions for seamless travel

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9 November 2017

Supported by:

9 November 2017

Orchestrated mobility: Mobile app solutions for seamless travel


How can smart mobile apps prepare you for the future, create seamless passenger experiences, and provide opportunities for new sources of revenue?

In this webinar, Axon Vibe discussed how they are working with SBB and others to prepare for the future of travel. By creating seamless passenger experiences through travel assistance, multimodal connections, door to door mobility and passive ticketing, they can significantly increase passenger satisfaction. But they can also increase operational efficiency, by reducing peak loads, identify under served areas and prepare for future network expansions. And lastly, they will monetise your customer base for you by connecting them to ancillary services based on their predicted needs.


Thomas Annicq, CEO US, Axon VibeThomas Annicq, CEO US, Axon Vibe

Runs the US office and focuses on international business development. MBA from MIT, a stint at Bain & Co, Thomas co-founded Thasos Group with Sandy Pentland. Thomas’s speciality lies in big data and geospatial technology.

John Fagan, CTO, Axon VibeJohn Fagan, CTO, Axon Vibe

Resident Caretaker of Tech at Axon Vibe. John has a career full of maps and location technology, from Desktop GIS , to Web/Mobile mapping (Multimap & Microsoft) and now Bots and Intelligent Agents at Axon Vibe.

Kilian Ulm, Head of Business, Axon Vibe

Kilian Ulm, Head of Business, Axon Vibe

A dedicated international business development professional with entrepreneurial spirit and skills. He is an engineer by education (ETH) with work experience from innovative start-up ventures to large multinational corporations.

One response to “Orchestrated mobility: Mobile app solutions for seamless travel”

  1. Everyone is talking about apps to the passengers, but I hear very little about hardware and apps to the staff.
    What HW and apps does the staff have to support digitalisation of their work? Ticket and travelcard inspection, ticket selling and printing, issuing fines, manage bank card and mobile payments, traffic information, instructions and administration “on the fly”?

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