Scotland announces further funding for cycling and walking infrastructure

Posted: 2 September 2019 | | 1 comment

In a bid to encourage active transport, Transport for Scotland pledges a further £1.8 million to the development of walking and cycling facilities.

Transport for Scotland pledges £1.8 million for walking and cycling facilities

Over 140 organisations, across Scotland, comprised of community groups, employers and social housing providers will share the £1.8 million in support to improve facilities for walking and cycling.

An estimated 90,000 people across Scotland will benefit from funding allocated from the Scottish Government’s active travel budget and delivered through Cycling Scotland’s Cycling Friendly programme and the Social Housing Fund.

The three funding streams aim to support communities and workplaces through improved facilities and to encourage more people to choose walking and cycling as their preferred mode of sustainable transport for everyday journeys.

Cabinet Secretary for Transport, Infrastructure and Connectivity, Michael Matheson, said: “Alongside the development of quality infrastructure, high-impact behavioural change initiatives such as Cycling Scotland’s Cycling Friendly programme and Social Housing Fund are critical to encouraging greater participation in sustainable walking and cycling in our communities.

“Active travel is key to improving our air quality, protecting our climate and improving our health. Encouraging active travel options for an estimated 90,000 people across Scotland is an incredible achievement and I look forward to seeing improved facilities in workplaces and communities.

“The 2017 Programme for Government committed us to build an Active Nation, where more people can benefit from opportunities to walk and cycle than ever before. We’re delivering on that commitment and the work of a range of partners is contributing directly towards that shared objective.”

Kath Brough, Head of Behaviour Change at Cycling Scotland, said: “We’re delighted to announce funding to 149 organisations across Scotland to encourage more people to cycle. Cycling Scotland works closely with partners to help employers, community groups and housing associations take advantage of the benefits of cycling and this round of funding will provide opportunity for over 90,000 people across Scotland to access improved facilities.” 

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One response to “Scotland announces further funding for cycling and walking infrastructure”

  1. Gordon Burgess says:

    All we want is a safe cycle route for our children between Moffat and Beattock, is that a lot to ask for?
    Sustrans will help but it needs match funding and D&G Council say there unable to help with costs!
    Why hasn’t Cycling Scotland helped us here?

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