Public transport in London is most expensive in the world

A Deutsche Bank survey of 55 major global cities sees London’s public transport rank as more expensive than any of the other cities surveyed.

Public transport in London is most expensive in the world

A recent survey carried out by Deutsche Bank has revealed that London’s public transport is more expensive than any other major city around the globe.

The report detailed the top 55 most expensive cities when it comes to public transport, London clinching top spot.

In London, monthly transport passes can cost commuters in excess of $179 (£141), while Dublin holds second spot on the list, charging passengers $128 (£101). Third was New Zealand’s Auckland with costs reaching $125 (£98).

The report states: “The good news is that public transport is mid-ranking in terms of expensiveness in Singapore, Copenhagen or Oslo suggesting deliberate policy moves, where individuals are actively discouraged from buying a new car as policy makes it extraordinarily expensive. So maybe walk or ride a bike more there. London has the most expensive public transport in the world and is also the most costly place to hire a car.

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2 responses to “Public transport in London is most expensive in the world”

  1. Jason says:

    This simply isn’t true. It is true out of the surveyed cities, but in the UK, we know that London has the cheapest public transport of all the major British cities.

    Buses outside London are significantly more expensive. A single in Leeds will cost you around £2.50, while to get a return, you must buy a day pass using just one operator. To use several operators, several tickets are needed. To use trains, you will need to buy another ticket. There are no other forms of transport and none are reliable, frequent or pleasant.

    London might seem expensive globally, but it is cheap and quality by British standards.

  2. Harry Rogers says:

    Incredibly expensive London. I can get a taxi from Docklands to Hetahrow for 47 pounds, the Heathroilthy statiow Express is 44pounds from Paddington. The underground requires 4 changes and fully packed trains and long long walks between changes. Bus takes 3hours. Oyster card rips you off daily.
    It just continues to get worse and worse with filthy trains and stations.

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