Lime’s new partnership brings 100 per cent renewable operations to France

Posted: 1 February 2019 | | No comments yet

Environmental challenges are not limited to country borders, so Lime is extending its green initiative and commitment to sustainability across the Atlantic, as stated by its recent blog post.

Lime micromobility

Lime has announced a new partnership with Planète OUI, an electricity provider supplying France with 100 per cent local and renewable energy.

The three-year deal will ensure that throughout Europe’s second-largest country, all Lime-charged scooters and warehouses will be powered by local wind, solar and small hydro projects.

This decision will save the company money, demonstrating how sustainability actions can drive growth and reduce operational costs.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with Planète OUI to help make Lime’s commitment to sustainable operations a reality here in France,” said Andrew Savage, Lime’s VP of Sustainability. “Carbon-free warehouses and electric scooters mark a big step forward in advancing clean micro-mobility in Europe – one we’ll be looking to replicate in cities across the globe.”

Additionally, Lime’s Juicer partners who elect to join Planète OUI will receive a free three-month subscription to the service and an additional 20 per cent discount on their monthly subscription thereafter.

Given the small amount of energy consumed when charging Lime’s electric scooters, Juicers will likely see an overall cost saving on their electricity bill along with a reduction in their overall carbon footprint.

In December 2018, Lime announced that nearly a quarter of its surveyed riders in Paris reported using the company’s electric scooters to travel to or from public transit on their last trip, helping to minimise reliance on personal vehicles in the French capital.

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