Lime becomes first electric scooter company to make entire fleet carbon free

Posted: 10 October 2018 | | No comments yet

Lime partners with NativeEnergy, launches Lime Green and charges entire fleet with renewable energy; offering carbon-free rides.


Lime has launched Lime Green – a long-term global initiative focused on fighting climate change and building a more sustainable future. For the first step of this initiative, Lime has committed to carbon neutrality; becoming the first electric scooter company to make its entire fleet carbon free.

“This initiative helps us deepen our environmental commitment and empowers our riders to make a difference, knowing that each of their scooter or e-bike rides will be carbon free,” said Andrew Savage, Lime Vice President of Sustainability. “Our goal has always been to transform the way people move in cities through greener alternatives and we’re proud to take this next step toward a more sustainable future.”

Lime has partnered with NativeEnergy to ensure all scooter and e-bike rides globally will be carbon neutral. As part of Lime Green, the company will purchase renewable energy credits from both new and existing projects for the electricity used to charge its fleet of bikes and electric scooters. The company will also buy carbon offsets to account for the local operations and management of its fleet.

“Powering Lime rides with new sources of renewable energy is a great first step,” said Jeff Bernicke, CEO of NativeEnergy. “By helping to build new sources of renewable energy, Lime is setting an even higher standard for their industry.”

In the future, Lime plans to purchase clean energy directly from local utilities, explore on-site solar and make office spaces and business activities more energy efficient.

As part of the initiative, Lime’s Vice President of Strategic Development and member of the company’s founding team, Andrew Savage, will take a new position at Lime as Vice President and Head of Sustainability. Savage has experience in sustainability in local, state and federal government and is a former executive in the solar industry. He will lead the company’s expansion of Lime Green.