Skånetrafiken to launch new on-demand public transport trial

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Skånetrafiken and three municipalities in Skåne are collaborating on a new on-demand bus service called SkåneFlex, allowing passengers to request rides via an app or phone, with a trial period set to begin in Autumn 2024.

Skånetrafiken to launch new on-demand public transport trial

Credit: Skånetrafiken

Skånetrafiken, in partnership with municipalities Svalöv, Sjöbo and Tomelilla, has announced that it is preparing to introduce SkåneFlex, an experimental on-demand bus service set to debut in Autumn  2024 and operate for one-year. This initiative aims to explore alternative public transport solutions that cater to varying travel needs across urban and rural areas in Skåne.

SkåneFlex will operate without fixed routes or timetables, allowing passengers to request rides via an app or phone call and choose their departure time and destination within designated service zones. The trial will focus on gathering feedback from residents and travellers in the specified areas to assess the effectiveness and feasibility of this innovative approach.

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It’s important to note that existing public transport services in the trial areas will continue to operate normally throughout the testing period. SkåneFlex will adhere to Skånetrafiken’s standard fare structure, ensuring that passengers pay regular ticket prices for their journeys, which can be purchased through various channels including the Skånetrafiken app, website, customer service, ticket machines, or agents.

This trial represents an effort by Skånetrafiken to explore new strategies for enhancing public transport services, particularly in rural regions where traditional routes may not fully meet demand. By engaging with users and stakeholders during the trial, Skånetrafiken aims to gather insights that will inform potential future developments in public transport across Skåne.

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