Lime expands e-scooter fleet by 45% in Greater Manchester

Posted: 26 February 2024 | | No comments yet

Lime announces a 45% increase in its e-scooter fleet in Greater Manchester, while prioritising safety innovations and partnerships with local authorities to enhance sustainable transportation options.

Lime Greater Manchester

Lime has announced its plan to expand its e-scooter fleet by 45% to accommodate the escalating demand in Greater Manchester, as the region celebrates reaching one million rides.

In collaboration with Salford City Council and Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM), Lime is set to expand its operations across the district, with an emphasis on identifying additional areas and parking zones to facilitate the surge in vehicle numbers. This expansion is part of the Department for Transport’s (DfT) e-scooter trials, sanctioned in partnership with Salford Council, aiming to enhance access to shared, sustainable transportation options in Greater Manchester.

Since 2021, Lime’s e-scooters have facilitated one million trips for residents in Salford, marking steady growth each year as more individuals depend on the service for commuting and social engagements.

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Lime remains committed to ensuring the safety of riders and pedestrians alike. The integration of Lime Vision, an artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled technology system, in a number of vehicles is a testament to this commitment. The pilot initiative seeks to pioneer safety innovations by accurately identifying issues such as pavement riding in real-time, aiming to mitigate conflicts with pedestrians and other pavement users. Data collected from Lime Vision will be shared with the Council and TfGM to shape the future of the service.

Alice Pleasant, Public Affairs Manager at Lime, said: “Since its inception in Salford, e-scooters have seamlessly assimilated into local life, offering residents a vital transport alternative for commuting and social activities. We are dedicated to encouraging individuals to transition away from cars and are heartened by the enthusiastic reception of our e-scooters in the city. By expanding our fleet and venturing into Eccles, Lime endeavours to extend affordable transport options to a broader audience that shares our streets.”

Lime emphasises the importance of safe and responsible use of its vehicles. In Salford, e-scooters must be retrieved and returned to designated parking areas, as delineated by ‘P’ icons in the Lime app. To reinforce this protocol, Lime delivers regular in-app education, leveraging GPS technology to prevent riders from leaving their vehicles outside of designated zones.