Metlink introduces interactive map to enhance public transport project visibility

Posted: 16 February 2024 | | No comments yet

Metlink’s newly launched interactive map offers transparent insights into ongoing, upcoming and completed public transport projects in the Wellington region, empowering passengers to understand the impact on services and plan ahead.

Metlink introduces interactive map to enhance public transport project visibility

Credit: Metlink

Metlink, the primary public transportation authority serving the Wellington region, has announced that it has launched a new interactive map aimed at providing transparent information about ongoing, upcoming and completed projects geared towards improving the public transport infrastructure.

The map, unveiled by Metlink, offers users a comprehensive view of project locations along with detailed explanations of the work being conducted, the involved agencies and the anticipated benefits.

Thomas Nash, Chair of Greater Wellington Transport, said: “Our passengers expect Metlink to deliver timely and clear communications about their buses and trains, both in real-time, and how they’ll be affected in the future. The new map is an easy-to-read addition to our suite of digital communications tools, offering passengers a source of truth for major projects that also highlights long-term gains.”

Projects are selected for inclusion on the map based on a 10-point criteria system, where factors such as project duration and passenger impact are evaluated. Only projects meeting at least three points are featured. Notably, service alerts from the Metlink website and app are not integrated into the map, focusing solely on long-term project information.

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16 projects, including the ongoing Paraparaumu Transport Hub upgrade, are currently featured on the map. This upgrade, part of a broader rejuvenation initiative on the Kāpiti Coast, has necessitated temporary bus interchange relocation and detours since late 2022. The completed hub aims to enhance bus loading and unloading processes and improve passenger amenities, including upgraded shelters.

Metlink‘s Senior Manager Network and Customer, Bonnie Parfitt, said: “We know the benefit of large-scale projects, including the wider Paraparaumu hub upgrades, are not often noticed amid sometimes lengthy changes to bus and train services. The map solidifies Metlink’s commitment to informing travellers about disruptions and how finished projects will improve public transport services for their communities.”

By providing accessible project information, Metlink aims to empower passengers with the knowledge needed to navigate disruptions and anticipate long-term improvements in the Wellington region’s transportation network.

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