Paris metro stations equipped with accessible real-time information panels

Posted: 25 March 2024 | | No comments yet

With features such as enlarged fonts, enhanced colour contrasts and improved audio announcements, the real-time information panels introduced by Île-de-France Mobilités and RATP in Paris metro stations will cater to diverse passenger needs.

Paris metro stations equipped with accessible real-time information panels

Credit: Île-de-France Mobilités

Île-de-France Mobilités and RATP have introduced state-of-the-art real-time information panels across key metro stations in Paris. This transformative initiative aims to provide commuters with essential information promptly, while ensuring inclusivity for all travellers.

Dubbed as “PANAM” (Metro Billboards), these innovative panels represent a significant leap forward in accessibility standards. Embracing cutting-edge technology, PANAM panels feature enlarged font sizes, reinforced colour contrasts, improved character definition and enhanced sound diffusion for audio announcements. These design elements cater to passengers with diverse needs, ensuring that vital information is accessible to everyone, including those with visual or auditory impairments.

Beyond accessibility, the introduction of PANAM panels heralds a new era of real-time information dissemination. Commuters can now glance at these panels to ascertain the waiting times for the next two metros and receive updates on events, disruptions and ongoing maintenance works. The integration of real-time data empowers passengers with timely information, enabling them to make informed decisions and navigate the metro network efficiently.

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The commitment to accessibility and real-time information extends across multiple metro lines. The initial phase of deployment has commenced on lines 1, 2, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12, encompassing 242 metro stations. This concerted effort ensures that a vast majority of commuters benefit from enhanced accessibility and up-to-the-minute information.

The roll-out of PANAM panels follows thorough planning and execution, with an average installation rate of 32 panels per week. All 22 stations on line 5 have been equipped with PANAM panels between December 2023 and March 2024. 

Furthermore, the initiative aligns with preparations for the upcoming Olympic and Paralympic Games. Fully financed by Île-de-France Mobilités, the installation of PANAM panels is slated for completion before the commencement of these global events. Key Paris metro lines, including stations crucial for Olympic and Paralympic transportation, will be equipped with these information panels, ensuring seamless accessibility for athletes, spectators and residents alike.