Bus Users UK’s 2024 Bus Manifesto calls for transformation in UK bus services

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Bus Users UK introduces its 2024 Bus Manifesto, advocating for long-term, fully-funded support for bus services and prioritising inclusive, transparent and accessible transportation solutions across the UK.

Bus Users UK's 2024 Bus Manifesto calls for transformation in UK bus services

Bus Users UK has announced that it has released its 2024 Bus Manifesto. This manifesto aims to position bus services as vital contributors to social, environmental and economic wellbeing while addressing the pressing challenges faced by the industry.

At the core of the manifesto is a call for long-term, fully-funded support for bus services, recognising them as lifelines for communities across the nation. Bus Users UK emphasises the imperative for the next elected government to place communities at the forefront of transport planning, prioritising public, shared and active travel over private car usage.

Bus Users UK, a charity advocating for inclusive and accessible transport, has been actively involved in campaigns aimed at improving the quality and accessibility of bus services. As an approved Alternative Dispute Resolution Body for the bus and coach industry, the organisation facilitates the resolution of complaints under the Passenger Rights in Bus and Coach Legislation, providing a platform for passengers to voice concerns and seek resolution for grievances.

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The manifesto outlines key principles that underscore the vision for a transformed bus service landscape:

  • Inclusive consultations: Bus service consultations must actively engage diverse stakeholders, including education centres, charities, care homes, places of worship, local employers and medical centres, to ensure services cater to the unique needs of communities
  • Transparent operations: Passengers deserve clear and accessible information about their rights and avenues for redress. Operators must establish transparent complaints processes and provide easily accessible contact information, including non-premium landline numbers, and details of appropriate Alternative Dispute Resolution Bodies
  • Fair fare systems: A simplified fare system across all transport modes would enhance the affordability, accessibility and attractiveness of sustainable travel
  • Unrestricted access: Concessionary bus passes are crucial for older people and individuals with disabilities. Removing restrictions on peak-time and cross-border travel nationwide will expand opportunities for education, employment, volunteering and improve access to essential services such as healthcare, leisure and social connections
  • Necessary services: Bus services serve as lifelines for millions, providing vital access to education, employment, healthcare and social activities. The manifesto calls for an update to Section 63 of the 1985 Transport Act to reflect local authorities’ duty to provide these essential services, accompanied by sufficient, ring-fenced funding.

The 2024 Bus Manifesto marks an important development in UK bus services, highlighting a shared commitment to improving the country’s transportation infrastructure.