Dott secures three-year contract to expand micro-mobility services in Milan

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As part of this contract, Dott will provide an expanded fleet of 4,000 e-scooters and e-bikes, featuring fully refurbished vehicles, family-friendly options and cargo bikes, contributing to a more diverse micro-mobility landscape in Milan.

Dott secures three-year contract to expand micro-mobility services in Milan

Credit: Dott

Dott has announced that it has been awarded a three-year contract by the City of Milan. The contract involves the provision of 2,000 e-scooters and 2,000 e-bikes, further solidifying Dott’s position as the most prominent shared micro-mobility operator in Italy.

This latest success comes on the heels of recent contract victories in Rome and Turin, underlining Dott’s growing influence in the Italian shared transportation sector. The renewed service in Milan will extend its coverage beyond the city centre, aiming to make efficient and eco-friendly travel options more accessible to a larger population.

The e-scooter fleet will consist of fully refurbished vehicles, a pioneering approach to reduce emissions associated with manufacturing and transporting new units. According to Dott, specialists meticulously dismantle, repair and rebuild the scooters, enhancing safety with a larger 11 inch rear wheel complementing the 12 inch front wheel for a more stable and comfortable ride.

A notable feature of Dott’s expanded fleet is the provision of e-bikes equipped with child seats, catering to families seeking sustainable transportation options. In addition, cargo bikes will be available to assist those with luggage or shopping, promoting a reduced reliance on private cars.

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Arianna Censi, Mobility Councillor of the City of Milan, said: “We have chosen to continue supporting the service through this new tender because this transport ensures people can move around without using a private car, and benefits all citizens through reduced road congestion and improved air quality.”

Andrea Giaretta, General Manager Italy at Dott, said: “This win establishes Dott as the leading operator in Italy, with over 15,000 vehicles available in all the main Italian cities. Our truly multimodal service, offering both e-scooters and e-bikes ensures we can best support public transport to help increase a shift from cars to more sustainable travel.”

As part of the city’s efforts to regulate micro-mobility, riders will be required to park only at allocated spots defined by the authorities. To end their trip, users must upload a photo of their parked vehicle, ensuring responsible and orderly parking practices.

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