Dott awarded three-year contract for 4,500 shared e-scooters in Rome

Posted: 29 May 2023 | | No comments yet

Having facilitated over four million rides in Rome over the past three years, this new contract will see Dott further solidify its presence in the city by providing a safe and sustainable micro-mobility service across 15 districts.

Dott Awarded Three-Year Contract for 4,500 Shared E-Scooters in Rome

Credit: Dott

Micro-mobility operator Dott has announced that it has secured a three-year contract to operate up to 4,500 shared e-scooters in the City of Rome. The decision comes after a rigorous competitive tender process, ensuring Dott’s continued presence since its launch in 2020.

The selection criteria emphasised Dott’s commitment to providing a safe and reliable service, with a focus on expanding its operations beyond the city centre to encompass 15 districts throughout Rome. This expansion aims to alleviate car dependence and promote sustainable transportation options.

Working closely with city authorities, Dott‘s primary objective will be to foster responsible rider behaviour and seamlessly integrate its service within the city. To achieve this, each vehicle will be equipped with license plates, and riders will be required to have their identification verified. This measure will enable authorities to enforce penalties for violations, such as exceeding speed limits or disregarding parking restrictions.

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Andrea Giaretta, Regional Director for South East Europe at Dott, said: “Our renewed licence in Rome shows confidence from the city authorities in our ability to deliver a high quality service, supported by our in-house operations. We look forward to working closely with the City of Rome to support their goal of reduced car use by ensuring that our vehicles are available whenever and wherever they are needed, right across the city.”

Over the past three years, Dott has facilitated more than four million rides in Rome, serving around 400,000 users. These rides have collectively covered a distance of nine million kilometres on Dott’s e-scooters, effectively saving 1,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions that would have been generated if the same trips had been made by cars.

By prioritising responsible mobility solutions, Dott seeks to contribute positively to the wellbeing of both the city and its residents.