nextbike expands its bike-sharing services to Silesia, Poland

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nextbike’s extensive bike-sharing system in Silesia, Poland, will offer more than 7,000 user-friendly, GPS-locatable bicycles, expanding gradually over several years, and contributing to the area’s ongoing urban development.

nextbike expands its bike-sharing services to Silesia, Poland

Credit: nextbike

Following the successful re-launch of the Veturilo bike-sharing system in Warsaw, nextbike has announced its expansion into the thriving market of Silesia, Poland.

The Silesian bike-sharing system, set to become one of the largest in Europe, will encompass more than 7,000 bicycles upon its full development. Covering a vast area of approximately 2,500 square kilometres, it will serve over 30 municipalities, providing them with a cutting-edge, sustainable mobility solution. The bikes offered by nextbike have been designed for user-friendliness and are equipped with GPS tracking for added convenience and security.

This venture marks nextbike’s most substantial offering to date, reinforcing its position in the bike-sharing industry across Europe. With previous successful projects in cities like Warsaw and the Barcelona metropolitan region, the expansion into Silesia aligns seamlessly with the micro-mobility company’s strategic growth trajectory.

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The roll-out of this station-based bike-sharing service is planned to commence in the coming year, with a phased expansion over several years. The first phase, set to begin in 2024, will see more than 1,000 bikes introduced to the Silesian region. By 2025, the project will reach its full scope, with a total of 7,000 bikes catering to the needs of residents and visitors alike.

The integration of nextbike‘s state-of-the-art bike-sharing system is expected to revolutionise mobility in Silesia, offering a convenient and sustainable transportation alternative while contributing to the region’s ongoing urban development. With the expansion of nextbike’s services, Silesia is poised to become a hub for modern, environmentally friendly transportation, benefiting the communities and promoting a greener future for the region.

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