Waymo’s autonomous service now available for Uber customers in Metro Phoenix

Posted: 31 October 2023 | | No comments yet

Uber customers in Metro Phoenix may now be matched with a Waymo vehicle, providing riders with the opportunity to experience a fully autonomous ride, with no human driver behind the wheel.

Waymo's autonomous service now available for Uber customers in Metro Phoenix

Credit: Waymo

As of 26 October 2023, customers who request a ride on the Uber app in Metro Phoenix may be matched with a fully autonomous, all-electric Waymo vehicle, if the ride is located within the 225+ square miles of Metro Phoenix where Waymo currently operates.

When a customer requests one of four different types of rides through the Uber app, they’ll have the option to confirm a ride in a Waymo vehicle if matched to one. This is the first launch of a strategic partnership between Waymo and Uber that was announced earlier in 2023.

Uber Waymo partnership

Credit: Uber

When matched with a Waymo vehicle on Uber, riders can experience a fully autonomous ride, with no human driver behind the wheel:

  • How to ride with an AV: riders who request an UberX, Uber Green, Uber Comfort or Uber Comfort Electric may be matched with a Waymo vehicle if the route is part of the company’s newly expanded operating territory – which includes Sky Harbor International Airport’s 24th St and 44th St SkyTrain locations – and a dedicated vehicle is available
  • Update ride preferences: Uber customers in Phoenix who are excited about riding in an autonomous vehicle (AV) can increase their chances of being matched with an AV by opting in via the Ride Preferences section of their Uber app
  • Safety is a top priority: Safety is at the heart of what Uber does, which is why the company reviews its partners’ approaches to safety per its Safety Guidelines before deployment and operation on the Uber network
  • Convenience built in: Before a nearby Waymo vehicle is dispatched to a customer, Uber will first give them the option to accept the ride or find another. Once the Waymo vehicle arrives, riders will be able to unlock the vehicle and start the trip – all from the familiar Uber app. If assistance is needed at any time, riders will have access to 24/7 customer support, accessible in both the Uber app and inside the Waymo vehicle
  • Make a sustainable choice: Uber is committed to becoming a zero-emission mobility platform by 2040. By helping to match riders with electric vehicles, like Waymo’s all-electric Jaguar I-PACE, the company can help cut gas use, emissions per passenger and make greener transportation options more accessible.

“Our partnership with Uber gives their riders the chance to experience the Waymo Driver,” said Tekedra Mawakana, co-CEO of Waymo. “As we continue to scale, we want as many people as possible to experience the safety, consistency and delight of riding with the Waymo Driver.”

Riders will still be able to hail the Waymo Driver directly through the Waymo One app, available to the public in Metro Phoenix, San Francisco, Los Angeles and, soon, Austin. Tens of thousands of people hail the Waymo Driver every month in Metro Phoenix, and the Waymo Driver currently provides more than 10,000 rides each week in the region – over a thousand of which are to or from Sky Harbor International Airport.

The partnership allows both companies to expand the benefits of safe, reliable, autonomous driving technology.