Forest Bikes unveils brand refresh and doubles e-bike fleet size

Posted: 2 August 2023 | | No comments yet

Forest Bikes, previously known as HumanForest, embarks on a brand refresh and doubles its e-bike fleet size, driven by recent funding and increasing demand for its sustainable and affordable service.

Credit: Forest Bikes

In a significant move, Forest Bikes, formerly known as HumanForest, has undergone a brand refresh and announced the expansion of its e-bike fleet, marking a new chapter in the company’s growth. The re-brand comes as the company secures £12 million in Series A funding and makes strides in its operational zone expansion.

The London-based e-bike company has decided to simplify its name to ‘Forest’ to align itself more closely with its primary source of inspiration – trees. Forest’s new slogan, “the bikes that look like trees,” underscores the company’s dedication to environmental consciousness and sustainability.

As part of the brand refresh, Forest Bikes has upgraded its eBikes by adding distinctive brown air tires. These not only complement the company’s new brand identity but also promise riders a smoother and more enjoyable riding experience while reducing bike parts turnover.

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Michael Stewart, Forest’s Chief Marketing Officer, said: “Our objective was straightforward. We wanted to simplify our brand across the board. Our bike looks like a tree, so let’s roll with that. We have always been and continue to be the most affordable and sustainable shared e-bike on the market, so by honing in on the visual identifiers of the brand, we’re continuing to strengthen the positive brand association with Forest.”

Joe Rampley, Forest’s Head of Design, said: “Our compound name (HumanForest) was always going to be a challenge in a market where fast service and recognisable brand identifiers are key to a customer’s experience. People want to see their bike of choice, take in their USP and subsequently ride it. By reducing the brand noise we are signalling a new dawn for the company and honing-in on what makes us the best option – being the most sustainable and being the most affordable.”

The software changes accompanying the re-brand include the launch of a new website and an updated Forest app, enhancing user experience and accessibility. The official launch of the re-brand had taken place on 1 August 2023, with the entire fleet set to bear the new ‘Forest’ name by September 2023.