TIER launches integrated micro-mobility services in Limerick and Navan, Ireland

Posted: 1 August 2023 | | No comments yet

TIER’s integrated micro-mobility services in Limerick and Navan, Ireland, will offer diverse options including push bikes, e-bikes and e-cargo bikes, aiming to reduce car usage and provide eco-friendly transportation solutions.

TIER launches integrated micro-mobility services in Limerick and Navan, Ireland

Credit: TIER Mobility

TIER Mobility has announced that it has successfully introduced integrated micro-mobility services in Limerick and Navan, Ireland. The recent integration of back-end systems between TIER and nextbike by TIER, acquired in 2021, has enabled the provision of combined services through a single operator app.

In Navan, the new services offer 20 push bikes, 25 dockless e-bikes and three cargo bikes, presenting a diverse range of options to meet various commuting needs and potentially reduce car usage. Push bikes offer a cost-effective and leisure-friendly micro-mobility solution, suitable for both leisure and daily commutes. While e-bikes provide a convenient and efficient way to complete door-to-door journeys without exertion and e-cargo bikes cater to specific tasks like shopping or running errands.

With its multimodal approach, TIER aims to provide a wide range of micro-mobility options, including docked push bikes, e-bikes, dockless e-scooters and e-cargo bikes, tailored to meet the diverse transport needs of different cities and towns.

The importance of making micro-mobility services more accessible for disabled people

“The combination of TIER and nextbike by TIER vehicles and models offers a particularly attractive alternative to driving, especially in urban areas,” said Alex Souter, Regional General Manager for South-West Europe & Middle East at TIER. “Our mission is to make it as easy as possible for people to choose to leave their car at home and cycle, e-bike or scoot to where they are going. The more people we can entice onto two wheels, the better we are able to encourage local and national government to install proper segregated infrastructure, and we can start to reclaim the space that cars take up in our towns and cities and give it back to the people who live, work and relax there.”

By continuing to expand and improve its multimodal offerings, TIER aims to play a significant role in advocating for environmentally friendly transportation options worldwide.