Young people warned of travel ban for antisocial behaviour on public transport

Posted: 31 July 2023 | | No comments yet

In order to foster a safer and more respectful travel environment for all passengers, Greater Manchester’s TravelSafe Partnership launches a campaign to caution young people about the consequences of engaging in antisocial behaviour on public transport.

Young people warned of travel ban for antisocial behaviour on public transport

Credit: Transport for Greater Manchester

Transport for Greater Manchester has announced that the region’s TravelSafe Partnership has launched a new campaign, ‘Don’t Get Ghosted’, aimed at warning young people about the consequences of antisocial behaviour on public transport. The campaign highlights that persistent engagement in such behaviour could lead to the loss of free or concessionary travel passes or even bans from using buses and trams.

Examples of antisocial behaviour include vaping, throwing objects, playing loud music, activating emergency door handles and being noisy or abusive in groups. Offenders may have their travel passes withdrawn immediately for criminal offenses or after three separate instances of antisocial behaviour, with a minimum ban of one year.

The TravelSafe Partnership can also issue exclusion notices, preventing individuals from accessing the public transport network, leading to trespassing charges if violated. Serious public order offenses on public transport may result in legal action.

The ‘Don’t Get Ghosted’ campaign features videos showing groups of friends engaging in different types of antisocial behaviour while travelling on buses. The videos demonstrate how those who persistently commit such acts can have their right to travel taken away.

Stagecoach Manchester supports local efforts to tackle antisocial behaviour on public transport

“Everyone using or working on our public transport and active travel network is entitled to be, and feel, safe at all times. While crime and antisocial behaviour is not confined to transport, we simply will not tolerate it in any form,” said Vernon Everitt, Transport Commissioner for Greater Manchester. “I urge all young people to engage with this campaign and reflect on how their actions can have consequences for themselves and others.”

Since 26 July 2023, travel passes and 11 exclusion notices have been withdrawn from young people involved in antisocial behaviour on the public transport network. Antisocial behaviour not only poses risks to the safety of drivers and passengers but also causes distress to others at bus and tram stops and stations.

The TravelSafe Partnership urges young people to act responsibly and reminds them that one moment of misbehaviour could lead to serious consequences, including bans from public transport and potential legal actions. The campaign’s videos will be released throughout the summer holidays to address the increase in incidents of crime and antisocial behaviour on public transport during this period.