New Lime report urges 10,000 e-bike parking bays in London by 2025

Posted: 20 July 2023 | | No comments yet

Through this report, Lime aims to advocate for a comprehensive London-wide e-bike regulation framework, emphasising the importance of expanding e-bike parking bay locations to meet the increasing demand for sustainable transportation.

Lewisham Council and Lime partner to enhance dockless e-bike scheme

Credit: Lime

A new report by Steer, commissioned by Lime, calls for the establishment of over 10,000 e-bike parking bay locations in London by 2025. This initiative is in response to the growing demand for green and shared transportation, as Transport for London (TfL) and London Councils plan to regulate e-bikes city-wide.

The report demonstrates Lime’s e-bike service’s positive impact on London’s transport network using service and rider data. Over the past four years, Lime has witnessed substantial growth, with more than 1.25 million riders completing over 12 million e-bike trips between January 2019 and March 2023. On average, Lime’s e-bike usage has increased by 10% each month, setting a new record for growth in the capital.

Thanks to the popularity of shared e-bikes, Lime’s service has prevented over one million motor vehicle trips in London. It has replaced around 2.6 million car/taxi kilometres and resulted in savings of approximately 370 tonnes of CO2 and 48kg of particulate matter (PM2.5).

The report also reveals how Lime’s e-bike service improves accessibility and connectivity for Londoners. Notably, 40% of Lime e-bikes are available in areas with limited public transport options, benefiting residents in those regions. In addition, 50% of Lime e-bikes are available in areas with higher levels of deprivation (IoMD Level 0-4), further enhancing access to transportation services. Almost all Londoners within Lime’s service area are typically within a two-minute walk of a Lime bike, outperforming the proximity of tube and rail stations for 93% of the population.

Lime and Sight Loss Councils partner for safer streets

Lime‘s e-bike service contributes to London’s active travel goals as well. It supports the Mayor’s vision of 80% of trips in London being made by walking, cycling, or public transport by 2041. Around 60% of Lime riders now cycle more frequently since using Lime e-bikes, with 71% of female riders who were previously non-cyclists now adopting cycling.

To accommodate the surge in demand and to address existing barriers to further growth, the report recommends a London-wide regulatory approach to e-bikes. The proposed framework includes standardising service areas, user parking and riding rules. Moreover, high-density designated parking locations should be implemented to ensure convenience and safety for users, requiring approximately 10,000 new parking locations across London by 2025. The report suggests shared e-bike providers allocate £20 million to fund the creation of these parking locations, in partnership with local authorities.

In the interim, the report suggests introducing in-app rider education features to alert users when crossing borough boundaries or entering areas with new parking rules. Furthermore, shared e-bike providers should provide data on usage patterns to inform the implementation of further cycling infrastructure, as this can incentivise even more cycling.