Transport for the South East’s Strategic Investment Plan approved

Posted: 30 May 2023 | | No comments yet

Transport for the South East’s ambitious Strategic Investment Plan has been given the green light, setting the stage for significant advancements in sustainable transportation and economic growth in the region.

Transport for the South East's Strategic Investment Plan approved

Transport for the South East has announced that it has received approval to implement its Strategic Investment Plan, which encompasses nearly 300 multimodal transport projects over the next 27 years.

The plan aims to decarbonise the transport system, promote equitable development and foster sustainable economic growth in the South East of England until 2050. It addresses challenges such as decarbonisation, public transport fares, new mobility, road user charging, virtual access and integration of transportation modes.

The ambitious plan has a projected capital cost of over £45 billion and could create 21,000 new jobs, generate an additional £4 billion in GVA annually by 2050, reduce CO2 emissions by 1.4 mega tonnes, increase rail trips by 500,000 per day and facilitate 1.5 million more trips by bus, mass transit and ferry while removing four million car trips from the roads.

Transport for the South East acknowledges the financial constraints faced by funding bodies and welcomes discussions with local and central government, as well as the private sector for potential funding options.

Furthermore, the investment plan recognises the importance of major transport corridors in the region and has undergone five years of collaborative development. It has been submitted to the Secretary of State for consideration in future investment decisions.

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The Partnership Board of Transport for the South East includes representatives from local transport authorities, district and borough authorities, enterprise partnerships, protected landscapes, National Highways and Network Rail. Stakeholder meetings, evidence gathering and a 12-week public consultation have been conducted to ensure input from the community.

The plan contributes to achieving net zero carbon emissions by promoting integrated planning and sustainable modes of travel. It prioritises accessible, affordable and reliable public transport, focusing on connectivity and accessibility for all users.

Transport for the South East will now develop a delivery action plan in collaboration with partners, outlining the current status of the proposed schemes and detailing the steps and responsibilities required to bring the plan to life over the next three years.

“This plan is the result of five years of partnership working, it truly is a plan developed by the South East, for the South East. Following approval by our Partnership Board we have submitted the plan to the Secretary of State for the Department for Transport with a request for it to be considered as future investment decisions are made. We could not be more grateful for the insight, support and challenge shown by our partners, and the Department for Transport in the development of this plan,” said Councillor Keith Glazier, Chair of Transport for the South East.