Neuron Mobility unveils latest N4 e-scooter model in Melbourne

Posted: 12 May 2023 | | No comments yet

In addition to safety features from Neuron’s previous model, the N4 incorporates upgraded components to ensure enhanced reliability, including an upgraded electric motor and improved hill climbing performance.

Neuron Mobility unveils latest N4 e-scooter model in Melbourne

Credit: Neuron Mobility

Neuron Mobility has announced that it has unveiled its latest e-scooter, the N4, in Melbourne. The N4’s upgraded electric motor delivers faster acceleration and improved hill climbing performance, allowing the scooter to comfortably climb a 17-degree incline with a 90kg rider. The N4 features enhanced suspension, pneumatic tires and a higher handlebar for better ergonomics and reduced road vibration.

Furthermore, safety features from Neuron’s previous model, the N3, are carried over, including the world’s first app-controlled Helmet Lock and a voice guidance system for rider education. The N4 has a sturdy construction, with a single die-cast aluminium deck and frame, ensuring durability and reducing wear and tear. Rubber bumper strips also protect the scooter’s body, while enclosed wires and cables, along with a polycarbonate cover, safeguard the dashboard from damage.

In addition, Neuron’s dual-battery system offers operational efficiency by extending the scooter’s range and reducing charging time by 50%.

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The N4 aligns with the needs of modern cities and is certified for major markets worldwide. Its frame and body uses certified 80% recycled aluminium, minimising the manufacturing footprint. Equipped with an Internet of Things (IoT) box, the scooter can accommodate future technology upgrades and incorporates high-tech sensors for precise tracking and control. The top-mounted GPS antenna on the N4’s LED dashboard ensures superior satellite reception.

Launching first in Melbourne with 1,000 vehicles, the N4 replaces Neuron‘s existing e-scooters while maintaining the same total number in the city. Melbourne’s e-scooter programme has garnered popularity, with over two million trips and four million kilometres travelled since its launch in February 2022.

An independent report by AEAS highlights Neuron’s positive economic impact, estimating a contribution of $135.74 million in direct, indirect and enabled economic activity during the programme’s initial 12 months. The report also reveals that 65% of trips result in purchases, with the average Melbourne rider spending $65.97 at local businesses per trip.