Neuron launches Canada’s largest micro-mobility scheme in collaboration with Region of Waterloo

Posted: 10 April 2023 | | No comments yet

Featuring a total of 1,000 e-scooters and e-bikes, Neuron’s new micro-mobility scheme will support the cities of Kitchener, Cambridge and Waterloo in Canada to reduce car congestion and greenhouse gas emissions.

Neuron launches Canada's largest micro-mobility scheme in collaboration with Region of Waterloo

Credit: Neuron Mobility

Neuron Mobility has announced that it has been selected by the Region of Waterloo to launch Canada’s largest single operator micro-mobility programme. This scheme is set to transform mobility in the region, with the gradual roll-out of 500 purpose-built e-scooters and 500 e-bikes across the region in the coming weeks, starting in April 2023. This initiative is a collaborative effort between Neuron, the City of Kitchener, City of Cambridge and City of Waterloo.

Over the years, Neuron has built a strong reputation for partnering with cities and delivering sustainable micro-mobility programmes in various parts of Canada, which have effectively reduced greenhouse gas emissions and eased congestion caused by cars.

The Neuron fleet that will be deployed in the Waterloo region will come equipped with innovative technology, including High Accuracy Location Technology (HALT) and Rapid Geofence Detection (RGD) capabilities, which are aimed at controlling pavement riding. This technology provides management control over how the e-scooters are handled in Brampton, helping to ensure the safety of riders and pedestrians.

Neuron Mobility launches e-scooters in Perth, Australia

Further safety measures implemented in the Neuron e-scooters include world-first integrated helmets, voice guidance, topple detection, a 911 emergency button and a ‘Follow my Ride’ function. In addition, advanced geofencing technology will regulate where the e-scooters can be ridden and parked, as well as how fast they can travel in certain areas.

According to Neuron, the introduction of its e-scooter scheme in the Waterloo region is expected to have a significant impact on the local economy. The operator’s report, ‘Shared Rides, Shared Wealth,’ shows that each Neuron e-scooter contributes approximately $11,300 a year to local businesses.

The technology and safety measures deployed in the Neuron Mobility fleet are in line with the company’s commitment to providing safe and sustainable micro-mobility solutions that improve the wellbeing of the people in the communities that it serves.