Kinetic and Auckland Transport partner to expand largest ZEB fleet in New Zealand

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Kinetic and Auckland Transport mark a milestone with the launch of Auckland’s first double decker electric bus, expanding the city’s largest zero-emission fleet in New Zealand.

Kinetic takes Zero Emission busing to new heights in Auckland

Credit: Kinetic

Kinetic has announced that it has collaborated with Auckland Transport (AT) to introduce the first double decker electric bus into service in Auckland. This strategic partnership expands Auckland’s fleet of zero-emission buses (ZEB) to 138, solidifying its position as the largest ZEB fleet in New Zealand. Kinetic operates 101 of these buses, with plans to deploy a total of 152 electric buses across four depots.

Edward Wright, AT’s Infrastructure and Fleet Specification Manager, said: “We are sure our customers will love the experience of travelling on the quieter and smoother bus too. It will primarily service Mt Eden Road, Great North Road and Dominion Road routes. This will be a great opportunity for Kinetic (the bus operator) to test how an electric double decker performs in Auckland conditions.”

Auckland Transport’s ongoing efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions have been underscored, with the organisation’s bus fleet identified as a significant contributor to emissions. The introduction of the electric double decker is poised to make a substantial impact, with projected carbon emission reductions of 79 tonnes per year, aligning with AT’s Mission Electric initiative.

Kinetic to acquire three bus companies in Murwillumbah, New South Wales

Calum Haslop, Kinetic’s Managing Director for New Zealand, said: “The bus has already undergone extensive off-road testing, where its safety systems were checked under load and speed, but now it’s time to test the bus where it really counts, on the city’s busy bus routes. Of special importance is that the drivers who will be assigned to operating it have also undergone specialist training, which encompasses not only the size of the vehicle, but also its operation as an electric bus.”

Kinetic‘s sustainability agenda extends beyond New Zealand, with nearly 300 zero-emission buses in operation across Australia and New Zealand, powered by 10 electric depots. In addition, Kinetic’s subsidiary in the UK is expected to grow its electric bus fleet to 1,000 vehicles by the end of 2024.

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