Women in Mobility UK’s new report encourages gender inclusivity in transport sector

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On International Women’s Day 2023, Women in Mobility UK’s white paper emphasises the importance of embedded diversity, equity and inclusion training, flexible working and equal parental leave to enhance inclusivity in the transport sector.

Women in Mobility UK's new report encourages gender inclusivity in transport sector

Mentorships, buddy systems and male champions are just some of the ways to create a more inclusive transport sector, according to a new white paper published by Women in Mobility UK to mark International Women’s Day 2023.

The ‘Improving inclusion in the workplace’ report is based on a recent in-person workshop that had been organised by Women in Mobility UK, which works to raise the visibility of women in the UK and improve diversity across all aspects of the mobility eco-system.

Sandra Witzel, Co-Founder of Women in Mobility London and CMO at SkedGo, said: “We’re hopeful that our report, and the individuals behind it, can inspire real change within the transport sector this International Women’s Day and beyond. With women under-represented in our industry, there’s clearly a long way to go to achieve real inclusivity, but our paper highlights many relatively straightforward steps organisations can take to make a significant difference.”

Mobilising momentum to improve transport’s gender diversity

The report also identifies the barriers to change – from a lack of awareness about diversity to a shortage of women in senior positions – as well as what an inclusive workforce looks like, including embedded diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) training, flexible working, equal parental leave and sufficient resources dedicated to championing inclusivity.

“By bringing together women from a variety of organisations, we’ve been able to build a clear picture of where we’re trying to get to and what is currently holding us back. The insights gathered during this process are important and can be applied to any transport-related business or authority. We encourage everyone who feels inspired to play their part to join us,” said Sandra Witzel.

Women in Mobility had been founded in Germany in 2015, before expanding into the UK in 2020. The organisation aims to reflect the UK’s diversity in its members, events and other activities, while raising the visibility of women in the transport industry.

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