TFI public transport network achieves high customer satisfaction in 2022

Posted: 16 February 2023 | | No comments yet

NTA’s 2022 Customer Satisfaction Survey shows that the majority of commuters across Ireland are satisfied with TFI’s public transport network in terms of reliability, cleanliness, comfort, safety and value for money.

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The National Transport Authority (NTA) has announced that it has published the results of its annual Customer Satisfaction Survey for 2022. The survey shows more than eight out of 10 people that had been surveyed had a positive sentiment towards the Transport for Ireland (TFI) public transport network. Of that number, 38% were very satisfied, with a further 44% fairly satisfied with TFI services.

In addition, the survey shows that the figures are higher when passengers were questioned about their most recent Transport for Ireland trip, with 46% very satisfied with their most recent journey and 44% fairly satisfied.

In total, over 6,000 passengers had taken part in the Customer Satisfaction Survey across dates in the second half of 2022.

Furthermore, four in five passengers are satisfied with reliability, cleanliness and comfort of the public transport service that they use, and 95% of passengers said that they felt safe on-board and when travelling to and from stops.

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Satisfaction with value for money was also very high, with 87% of respondents being either very or fairly satisfied. Customers also welcomed the fares reductions, with the majority being aware of them and 50% indicating that the reduced fares encouraged them to use public transport more often.

The survey also found that 37% of those surveyed use public transport every day, with 30% using it between two to four days per week.

When asked for suggested areas to improve TFI services, improved punctuality and frequency were among the main suggestions.

The release of this survey follows the announcement that Ireland’s public transport ridership recovery had reached 98% of pre-pandemic levels in 2022. While the 249 million is lower than the 292 million that had been carried in 2019, by the end of 2022, passenger numbers were close to and in some cases, above pre-pandemic levels.