Kinetic expands bus operations in Western Australia

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As part of its goal to achieve a 100 per cent electric bus fleet by 2035, Kinetic plans to explore operating zero-emission bus technology in Australia’s remote terrains, such as Western Australia’s resources-rich Pilbara.

Kinetic expands bus operations in Western Australia

Credit: Kinetic

Kinetic has announced that it has expanded its services in Western Australia (WA), with the arrival of a brand new fleet of coaches to be stationed at the company’s new High Wycombe bus depot. Having introduced battery electric buses (BEBs) in Melbourne, Hobart, and throughout Queensland and New Zealand, Kinetic plans to do the same in WA’s transport sector.

Targeting school route and charter services, general charter and event services, the company is already meeting demand for buses and high quality service, including Perth’s growing school market. Kinetic is further growing its WA business through workforce transportation, aviation and public transportation services.

The Western Australia depot is strategically located in High Wycombe, as the increasing density and established industrial area provides convenient access to Perth’s major road networks, facilitating services for the metropolitan and greater metropolitan fringe regions.

Kinetic expands globally following completion of Go-Ahead acquisition

Across Australia and New Zealand, Kinetic operates almost 100 BEBs, which will grow to 300 in 2023. The company’s electric bus network is now growing across nine electric bus depots, as it targets a 100 per cent electric bus fleet by 2035. Kinetic is also committing significant efforts to explore zero-emission bus technology to operate in Australia’s remote terrains, like Western Australia’s resources-rich Pilbara.

“Kinetic offers premium quality buses and the highest level of safety and customer service. We are excited to further grow the business here in Western Australia across key sectors including government, schools, airports and resources,” said Kinetic Executive General Manager WA Sarah Ismail. “We’re excited to see even more Kinetic buses on the road as we grow the business and deliver safer, cleaner and greener bus services that are reliable and that communities and our clients can be proud of. That’s what we’re here to do – to improve the livelihoods of the communities in which we live and work.”

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