Bird secures permit extensions and expands to new U.S. cities

Posted: 31 August 2022 | | No comments yet

U.S. cities from San Diego to Newark have extended their shared electric mobility programmes with Bird, in time for the return of students to campus for the Autumn term.

Bird expands to new U.S. cities

Credit: Bird

Bird has announced that cities including San Diego, California; Memphis, Tennessee; and Newark, New Jersey; as well as Durham, North Carolina and Louisville, Kentucky, will extend their shared e-mobility programmes with the company.

In addition, the micro-mobility operator has also announced that it will soon return to Minneapolis, Minnesota, as well as expand to Bradenton, Florida; Knoxville, Tennessee; the University of Oregon and Eugene, Oregon; and UNC Wilmington, North Carolina, before students return to college campuses for the Autumn term.

Bird partners with cities and universities to offer students, residents and visitors eco-friendly transportation alternatives in more than 450 communities globally. Growing interest from higher education institutions to provide students and surrounding communities with access to shared micro-electric vehicles such as e-scooters and e-bikes highlights continued demand for affordable, efficient and low-emission transportation.

Bridging transit gaps in Nashville with public transit and micro-mobility integration

“Bird is honoured to be the trusted micro-mobility partner to more than 130 universities nationwide,” said Brian Buccella, Senior Vice President of Global Policy at Bird. “We are committed to delivering shared e-mobility programmes that address last-mile needs for students, residents and visitors alike.”

Throughout 2022, Bird has expanded its operations across the globe, with the launch of its first bike-share integration of the year in Lisbon, Portugal. As part of this multimodal programme, riders in the Portuguese capital can see and access Gira bikes – the public bikeshare service in the city – directly from the Bird app.

Furthermore, in May 2022, the company launched a new innovative parking technology pilot, where augmented reality technology and street view data is utilised to allow Bird to geo-localise parked e-scooters with accuracy, in order to help its riders end their journeys in a safe and tidy manner.