GPMTD to launch new paratransit pilot in Washington D.C.

Posted: 2 August 2022 | | No comments yet

The Greater Peoria Mass Transit District’s pilot service will offer people with mobility constraints with an alternative mode of transport within the Washington urban area – a region often underserved by transportation options.

GPMTD to launch new paratransit pilot in Washington D.C.

Credit: Greater Peoria Mass Transit District

The Greater Peoria Mass Transit District (GPMTD) has announced that it is introducing a six-month paratransit pilot service in Washington D.C. for its underserved urban area. This project is partially being funded by section 5310 Transportation Assistance Grant Program from the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT), along with the City of Washington and Washington Township.

The GPMTD paratransit service, CityLift, will be operating this service for individuals aged 18 to 59, based on their mobility challenges and disability. In order to qualify for the service, individuals are required to complete and submit a simple two-page application to Washington Township that requires a medical professional sign off verifying their disability and need for the paratransit service. 

“The new pilot CityLift door-to-door paratransit service beginning on August 1, 2022, will offer mobility challenged and persons with disabilities aged 18 to 59 with an alternative transportation option within the Washington urban area. This is an area underserved by transportation options and we are looking forward to Washington residents who qualify having the opportunity to live more independently by using this service operated by CityLift,” said CityLink General Manager Doug Roelfs.

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This pilot paratransit service will be evaluated in the coming months to determine feasibility and demand to continue the service.

The Washington Urban Paratransit Service operates 8:00 to 18:00, Monday through Friday with the final pick-up, by no later than 17:30. There is no service on recognised holidays on which GPMTD does not provide service. Pick-up and drop-off times must take place within those hours to meet paratransit service availability.