Bolt launches ride-hailing in Finland with e-scooters to follow

Posted: 6 July 2022 | | No comments yet

With its e-scooters set to be deployed in the city in late 2022, Bolt will help accelerate Helsinki’s transition towards more sustainable modes of transport through its ride-hailing services.

Bolt launches ride-hailing in Finland with e-scooters to follow

Mobility app Bolt has announced that it has launched its ride-hailing product in Helsinki, Finland, with its e-scooters to be deployed in the city in late 2022. The company, which already has operations in 45 countries across Europe and Africa, seeks to accelerate the transition from owned cars to shared mobility by creating products which offer better alternatives for every use case a private car serves. 

Bolt Founder and CEO Markus Villig said: “We are excited to expand our business to Finland, and I’m confident that we can accelerate Helsinki’s transition toward green mobility services which is already well underway. At Bolt, we want to build a future where people are not forced to buy private cars that cause traffic congestion and pollution by building products that take the emphasis off cars and give cities back to the people.”

Bolt offers a range of mobility services including ride-hailing, scooter and e-bike rentals, a free-floating car rental service, and food and grocery delivery and has over 100 million customers globally.

Since first founded in Tallinn in 2013, Bolt has been a pioneer in offering urban mobility solutions to people living in over 400 cities across Europe and Africa. 

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Mikael Uusivuori, Bolt’s County Manager for Finland, said: “We have been really successful in different markets because we understand the value of understanding local context and always act responsibly and reliably with local regulations. Our extensive experience in Europe means we are ideally positioned to make it easier, faster and more customisable for people to travel in Helsinki.”

Bolt’s pricing model has been one of the company’s success factors across Europe and Africa and the company will aim to offer the best service to customers in Helsinki by providing the highest earnings for Finnish drivers.

“We aim for the highest earnings per hour compared to any competitor and have already attracted hundreds of Finnish partners to our platform. The aim is to continue to add more drivers in the coming weeks and months and high earnings creates an ecosystem with more drivers, faster arrival times and better services for our customers,” said Mikael Uusivuori.