Neuron Mobility launches integration with Google Maps in Canada

Posted: 21 June 2022 | | No comments yet

Neuron riders in Vernon, Calgary, Lethbridge and Red Deer can now better plan their journeys in real-time and easily locate their nearest e-scooter or e-bike using Google Maps.

Neuron integrates with Google Maps

Credit: Neuron Mobility

Neuron Mobility has announced that it has integrated its services with Google Maps in Canada, allowing Neuron riders to easily locate their nearest e-scooter or e-bike and giving them better access to a convenient first- and last-mile transport option.

The integration is available across Neuron’s Canadian cities in Vernon, Calgary, Lethbridge and Red Deer.

Riders in these cities will now be able to better plan their journey in real-time using Google Maps. The service highlights a user’s nearest e-scooter or e-bike, directions and information on how long it will take them to reach it, calculates price estimates based on selected route and provides the battery range remaining, as well as the expected arrival time at their destination. After selecting an e-scooter or e-bike on the map, users will be redirected to the Neuron app for unlocking and payment. 

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According to Neuron’s rider surveys nationally, 80 per cent of riders in Canada use Neuron e-scooters to visit local businesses and to explore cities, while 62 per cent made a purchase from a local vendor during their most recent trip. This latest integration will help riders to better plan their journeys to work, stores, restaurants and other local destinations.  

Since launching in Canada in May 2021, Neuron’s micro-mobility services have been widely embraced. Across the country, rider data has shown that 46 per cent of Neuron e-scooter trips have already directly replaced a car journey, saving an estimated 120 tonnes of CO2 emissions and over 50,000 litres of gasoline. By making it simpler than ever to leave the car in favour of an e-scooter or e-bike and public transit, it is hoped that this figure can continue to rise over the course of this year.