TfL’s emergency funding deal extended by one week

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In an attempt to save London’s public transport and to avoid cuts to network services, Transport for London’s emergency government funding deal has been extended by one week.

TfL's emergency funding deal extended by one week

As Transport for London (TfL) continues to deal with an unprecedented financial crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the emergency funding deal, which was due to expire on 11 December 2021, has been extended by one week.

TfL is facing a £1.9 billion budget black hole and has warned of massive cuts to bus, tube, and road services.

Without additional government funding, unions have warned public transport across London will grind to a halt without a long-term financial plan and will face cuts to services as demand continues to grow post-COVID-19 lockdown.

Sadiq Khan claimed that bus services could be cut by a fifth and Tube services by almost 10 per cent without further long-term government funding.

“Unless the government provides the long-term funding needed to maintain our public transport network, there will be no choice but to make significant cuts to services just as demand is growing again,” Khan told the BBC

The current financial deal was due to run out on 11 December 2021, however negotiations have been given a short grace period.

“We continue to discuss our funding requirements with the government, who have today (10 December 2021) indicated their intention to extend our funding support for TfL through until 17 December 2021.” a TfL spokesperson said. 

“There is no UK recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic without a London recovery and there is no London recovery without a properly funded transport network in the capital. We hope the discussions can be successfully concluded soon.”

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