Intelligent Transport Conference Speaker’s Interview: Andy Gibbons

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With the Intelligent Transport Conference quickly approaching, we sit down with Andy Gibbons, Head of Public Transport at Nottingham City Council, to discuss his presentation on real-time information systems and what he is looking forward to at the event.

What will your presentation focus on and what can delegates expect to learn from what you have to say?

Nottingham has one of the most extensive real-time information systems in the UK, with full bus and tram network coverage and around 2,000 on-street displays. This session demonstrates the customer and operational benefits of such a comprehensive system, and outlines additional features implemented to further enhance the user experience

What would you say has been the biggest step forward in regards to transport technology for your organisation in the last five years?

Smartcards, real-time information and electric buses.

In your opinion, which public transport organisation(s) do you think are doing the best work to keep abreast of transport developments?

Urban Transport Group and innovative operators like Trentbarton Buses.

What challenges do you think the public transport sector will face in the future concerning how transport technology is utilised?

Integration across operators and modes within mixed deregulated and franchised market. Also, the rise of competitors (like Uber for example) focussing more on personalised market, coupled with congestion and urban planning screening out public transport accessibility.

Looking at the conference’s programme, who among your fellow speakers are you most interested to hear from and why?

Enrique Fernandez-Pino, Group CIO, The Go-Ahead Group plc. I’m interested in hearing about new cheap developments in real time ­­and the next generation of delivery.


Andy Gibbons has worked in Public Transport for 30 years, starting at Transport for London. After five years at Nottinghamshire County Council he has been at Nottingham City Council since 1998 where he is currently Head of Public Transport. Over the past 10 years he has managed a £30 million project to implement and operate integrated information and smartcard systems across the conurbation, together with a £15 million project to introduce a large fleet of fully electric buses.

Make sure you catch Andy Gibbons’ talk: ‘Developing Real Time Information Across The Network’ at the Intelligent Transport Conference at 14.40 at the QEII Centre in London on 31 October.

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