Nota AI™’s AI Parking PoC in Milton Keynes

Posted: 27 March 2023 | | No comments yet

South Korean start-up, Nota AI™, completes successful Smart Parking trial in Milton Keynes using AI Camera tech for real-time parking monitoring.

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Nota AI™ (Nota Incorporated), a South Korean IT startup, has announced their successful completion of a trial of their Artificial Intelligence-based parking management system in Milton Keynes. The Proof of Concept project included using their AI Camera technology to analyse parking occupancy status and trends, and identify illegally-parked vehicles with the help of standard CCTV images. Furthermore, the trial assessed both the static and active traffic flow for vehicles and pedestrians around the Stadium, supported by Connected Places Catapult’s UK Testbed Initiative.

Nota AI claims that this Proof of Concept indicates that their smart parking solution can monitor a large number of outside parking areas. The analysis is done in real time, utilising edge boards on the CCTV device instead of a centralised data centre connected to existing infrastructure. The cost-efficient and easy to install solution also uses a vision analysis technique to capture traffic data from CCTV, similar to passive sensors.

Seri An, General Manager of Nota AI GmbH, commented that the trial proves that their AI solution is able to tackle the difficulty of managing large outdoor parking lots around stadiums in Milton Keynes. With the successful completion of the Proof of Concept, the Company is actively planning overseas business development by contacting local governments in Europe with similar issues. In addition to parking management, Nota AI’s video-based solutions also provide intersection control, traffic monitoring and pedestrian safety capabilities.

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