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Nota ITS is an intelligent transportation systems solution brand from Nota AI™ committed to making transportation safer, more efficient, and more sustainable. Our innovative products are designed to meet the diverse needs of today’s transportation industry, and are powered by cutting-edge edge AI technology.

Our AI Traffic Camera product utilises AI video analysis to provide accurate traffic information analysis at intersections, including traffic volume, occupancy rate, speed, waiting time, and pedestrian flow.

Our AI Traffic Signal Control system is based on deep reinforcement learning, providing real-time traffic signal control with TOD optimisation (cycle, split, offset), and TOD selection.

We are also proud to offer AI Safe Crossing, an intelligent solution designed to prevent pedestrian accidents by predicting vehicle trajectories. This solution includes a range of safety devices, including signage, voice guides, floor signals, and RSU/OBU linkage, to ensure maximum safety for pedestrians.

In addition, our AI smart parking product provides real-time data on vehicle occupancy in outdoor parking spaces, including reserved parking areas for women, disabled individuals, electric vehicles, and buses. Our solution is designed to improve parking efficiency and reduce traffic congestion in urban areas, while promoting sustainable transportation practices.

At Nota ITS, we are dedicated to using the power of technology to create a safer and more sustainable transportation system for all. We believe that our products have the potential to transform the way people move, and we are committed to ensuring that they are accessible and affordable to businesses and communities worldwide.

Nota AI partners with several leading market players, including ARM, NVIDIA, Samsung SDS, LG CNS, Microsoft, and AWS, to bring the power of optimised AI to the forefront of the industry.