Mayors’ Series: Gold Coast City Transport Strategy 2041 – A vision for sustainable transportation

For Intelligent Transport’s new Mayors’ Series, publishing exclusively in our magazine, Tom Tate, Mayor of the City of Gold Coast in Queensland, shares his thoughts on the public transportation system of the fastest-growing city in Australia. With the city facing challenges due to an increasing population and a heavy reliance on cars, Mayor Tate discusses how the Gold Coast City Transport Strategy 2041 will work to address these challenges and take advantage of the opportunities that the city has to offer.

Gold Coast City Transport Strategy 2041: A vision for sustainable transportation

When it comes to public transport, it could be strongly argued that cities such as London, Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool have largely got it right.

These modern cities have an efficient mix of dedicated transport lanes, integrated bus services and overland rail, as well as underground lines, extensive cycle networks for people commuting by bicycle or electric transport modes and other processes including congestion taxes and toll ways.

In 2022, I met with Transport for London (TfL) officials and was impressed with the leading-edge technology in place to deal with public transport throughout Greater London.

Our Australian capital cities, such as Sydney and Melbourne, with populations exceeding four million, have also progressed their public transport systems to a stage where millions of commuters board trains, ferries or buses on a daily basis. It all seems to work, bar the odd union strike!

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